Newly wed bride, Shibi, recently told us about her experience working with Silk Threads.

What was the special occasion you were trying to find dresses for? What designs did you have in mind?

We bought the dresses for my wedding. I specifically wanted to wear a long anarkali. I knew I wanted one to be red but it wasn’t until I got to the shop that I decided I wanted the other to be purple. Ruby helped me figure out the specifics of the designs for each dress- I really only had a rough idea. I wanted the bridesmaids to match both my dresses since they would not be changing between the ceremony and reception, and thus gold became the natural choice for them.

What brought you to Silk Threads?

Belu of Creative Wedding Decor recommended Ruby to us, and we were impressed enough by Ruby’s knowledge and ability that we ordered the dresses the first time we met her.

What do you like the most about Silk Threads and its staff?

Ruby is so talented! I loved how she listened to my concerns through the whole process, and helped me feel at ease about my dresses. I also liked how easy it was to contact Silk Threads. I rarely went twelve hours without an answer to a question. The whole process felt very personal.

Any tips for our readers?

Before coming into the store, definitely have at least an idea of what you want for your dresses. Ruby helped guide me a lot but having an initial idea was key in being satisfied with the end product. Also, let her know about any changes in your dress measurements asap!