Romanticised for generations as an unmatched celebration of eternal love, Indian weddings are a luxurious ode to togetherness–one that allows hosts to display their most opulent palettes. Amid such glorification, invitees are also eager to aesthetically reflect the qualities of the occasion—glamourous, sentimental and comfortable. And at the apex of such an intersection rests an eponymous label, Manish Malhotra–woven with the threads of tradition to create the contemporary and the chic. A lavish leader of couture, Malhotra’s fine fabrication is a wardrobe match for a variety of men–from business tycoons to the silver screen’s heroes for they recognise the versatile personality of the designer’s creations and choose to invest in craft that makes a statement.

True artistry is when designs narrate a standalone tale but also reflect the traits of the protagonist who chooses to adorn it. For an event that enamoured the world, Anant and Radhika’s fairytale-like pre-engagement, every Manish Malhotra man lit up Jamnagar’s celebratory landscape with their vivacious presence, effortlessly elevated by their trend-forward but timeless ensembles.

Source: Discover the high couture menswear looks worn at the Ambani pre-wedding | GQ India

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