Imagine walking into a room and immediately capturing the gaze of every onlooker. Your outfit isn’t just a piece of clothing; it’s a narrative of history, heritage, and personal style. This is the kind of experience Ruby Bhandari, founder of Silk Threads Designer Collection, strives to offer through her exquisite range of traditional Indian wear blended with a western touch.

Born in New York and now based in Dallas, TX, Ruby Bhandari has always been fascinated by the opulence and intricacy of Indian fashion. It’s an art form—done on a variety of fabrics and perfected over centuries. Wanting to bridge the gap between East and West, Ruby took a plunge into the fashion world while still a student, starting Silk Threads. Today, her company stands tall with over 30 years of experience, dressing clients across 30 states in the United States.

Ruby’s creations are often lauded as wearable art, not just by a diverse Indian clientele but by people from various walks of life. Bollywood celebrities have been spotted in her designs, affirming the versatility and reach of her work. Silk Threads hosts trunk shows for visiting designers from India, showcasing a mix of traditional, Indo-western, and modern designs. This is a testament to Ruby’s commitment to authenticity and innovation.

But what makes Ruby and Silk Threads truly singular is their bespoke approach. “Come to Silk Threads in-person or over a video call for bespoke dresses, bridals, and menswear,” Ruby insists. Understanding that each body is different, she believes in creating outfits based on clients’ preferences and body types. Whether one is looking for an elegant party dress, a custom bridal ensemble, or everyday chic menswear, Ruby’s expertise allows her to craft something tailored perfectly to the individual.

Her brand’s website is a portal that showcases the possibilities while her social media accounts on Facebook (@SilkThreadsbyRubyBhandari) and Instagram (@SilkThreads_official) continually engage with customers and fashion enthusiasts alike. They offer glimpses into the luxurious fabrics, the vibrant embroideries, and the passionate individuals who pour their hearts into every stitch.

Ruby’s journey has been about more than just fabric and threads – it’s been about building community. Silk Threads actively gives back, from supporting causes like cancer and battered women’s welfare to hosting an Annual Charity Gala, with its 11th event held in 2023, where all proceeds are directed to a selected charity. Her undying dedication to both society and sartorial elegance clearly defines the ethos of her brand.

In a world where global cultures are colliding and harmonizing more than ever, Silk Threads not only offers a wardrobe transformation but also a cultural connection. The brand fulfills the crave for heritage fashion in a land far from its roots. It creates a space where tradition meets contemporary, where every curve and edge of the body is honored through custom-fit clothing.

Talking to Ruby is an illuminating experience. Her knowledge of textiles is vast and her passion palpable. She believes that every person has the right to look and feel magnificent, and through her designs, she makes this belief a reality. Wearability, authenticity, and artistry are the cornerstones of her fashion philosophy.

In the conversation of fast fashion and fleeting trends, Ruby Bhandari’s Silk Threads stands out as a beacon of timeless elegance. It represents a cross-cultural fashion dialog that is both traditional and refreshingly modern. As Ruby continues to master the art of wearable tradition, the rest of us can only stand in awe—and perhaps get fitted for a piece of this wearable art ourselves.

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