bluebride1Let’s see…it’s your special day and you and your family have been preparing for months. You have picked a beautiful location, have it setup with gorgeous decor, are decked up in your finest outfit (preferably from Silk Threads!) – but who will be capturing these special moments to last you forever?

Yes – the wedding photographer

Selecting the right photographer can make all the difference – so based on our years of interacting with a range of wedding photographers, here are the 5 things you must consider:

  1. Hire a professional – it goes without saying that you should check out the portfolios of at least a couple of professional photographers to see which one suits your style. Price is a factor, but should not be the first one.
  2. Can you do two? – How big will be the team covering your events? Can they have multiple people stationed at different parts of the location? If you can afford it, you can see if you can two different companies can shoot the events for you to give better viewpoints?
  3. If you like the photographer, book as soon as you can. Enough said.
  4. Make sure you brief the team on what they should be looking for. Yes, the creative juices need to flow from everyone involved – but it is your wedding! If you have certain ideas, work with the team to see what the best way they can implement them.
  5. Assign someone to work with the guests – if the guest need to be photographed, assign one of your friends or relatives who knows them to make sure they are ready and giving their best shot – and make sure to brief the photographer…

Check out the picture above of #RealBride Sunny Patel – what an excellent shot by Z Molu Photography…(and shows off her beautiful outfit designed by Silk Threads too…)

Good luck…



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