Yes, this post is inspired by TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress” show (and suggestions based on that in the Brides magazine) – but these are some practical tips based on our interaction with brides every week.

In addition, see additional interviews with brides on this blog to see how they approached wedding dress shopping.

First – wedding-dress shopping is an art – and you need to perfect it to keep your sanity. From who to take with you to what gowns you shouldn’t try on, here are 5 things you’ll learn from watching every girl’s favorite bridal show, overlaid with our practical observations.

1. Don’t bring EVERYONE with you for dress shopping. We have had cases where both the bride and groom bring their extended family members for suggestions and approvals. It. Does. NOT. Work.

As most of you know, you can seldom get everyone to agree, leading to frustration and angst for you. We suggest getting a parent and maybe a close friend who knows your taste and the theme of the wedding. A secondary person who an give limited feedback is your wedding planner – for example, if it is a destination wedding in Cancun, what would be the temperature, color scheme, etc. – which can be factored into the dress (and groom’s clothes) design.

2. Have at least a rough idea of what you want – you have been thinking of your special day, and oh by the way, you loved Priyanka Chopra’s outfit in Bajirao Mastani – if that is what you want, talk to your groom or best friend, and come with a rough idea – we will help you transform that dream into reality – but we have to start somewhere…

3. Know your budget. Yes, bridal-wear is expensive – and for good reason…(Kim Kardashian’s gown cost almost half a million dollars, FYI!)

We have made dresses which took over 4 months to make, with the embroidery being done with a team of over 15 people – which translated into a beautiful, but expensive dress. You can decide what you want to spend on the dress – and for data points, come to your bridal appointment and get a rough idea of what dresses cost by looking at some of our unique dresses in stock. Being open about what you want to spend saves time and heartache for everyone…

4. Don’t forget the accessories. A very important fact, which a lot of brides forget, is accessories – and how they impact the design of the dress. If you already know you will be wearing heavy jewelry, reduce the embroidery on the dress. Or once you have selected the dress, match it with the right kind and amount of accessories. Click here for some tips from Brides magazine.

5. Don’t forget the man. Even though choosing the clothes for the groom is easier, don’t forget he has to match you for every one of your occasions – so depending on your theme, try matching color palettes, as well as matching embroideries on his clothes and shoes…

We are here to help – and have the experience and resources, including a team for bridal hair and makeup. Contact us to setup your Bridal Consultation today…

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