We were looking at some of the recent bridal trends, and saw a somewhat odd trend around mix & matching bridesmaids dresses.

Even though it sounds counter-intuitive, and we have never received an order to make mix & match bridesmaids dresses, we can see some positive (and some negative) points around the trend.

On the plus side, you could allow the bridesmaids to use their existing dresses collecting dust in their closets – which means, they already fit, are (hopefully) based on their body type, and with minimal expense, you will earn their eternal gratitude.

However, think of the downsides – do you as the bride really want to do color-matching for all the possible combinations – which, if at all possible, can be take precious time.  In addition, if they have different embroideries or variations, that adds additional complexity…

Think of the possible effect on the pictures or videos for your lifetime memories…

What do you think?

What do I do with this Bridesmaid dress or Saree?

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bridesmaids dresses

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