Bide & groom’s names: Kanwar (Preet) Singh & Harleen (Reema) Singh
Location of the wedding: Dallas & Houston, TX
Photographer:  Blink Photography & Film (Houston, TX)
1. What was your vision for your wedding?
Our motto for our wedding was “a crazy punjabi wedding”. We both come from extremely large, Punjabi, very cultural and traditional families, which meant lots of dancing, singing, and celebrating!
Most importantly, our vision included a weekend filled with lots of emotion, lots of color, and lots of love! Fortunately, that is exactly how it played out.
2. What was the most magical or memorable part of your day? 
The most memorable part of our Wedding weekend was seeing each other at the Sikh Temple on Saturday morning. It was definitely amagical moment because it was the day we had been planning night and day for the past year! Lastly, it was a very beautiful thing to see both of our families becoming one!
3. Why did you choose your wedding/reception dress from Silk Threads? 
First off, I have known Ruby Didi since I was a little girl. I loved her style and swag! Growing up, I always bought all my Indian outfits from Silk Threads. That was definitely not going to change when I found out I was getting married.
One quality I love about Ruby Didi is that she will NEVER let you leave Silk Threads if you are not 150% happy with your outfit. That is exactly what I needed for my wedding. I knew that I could tell her my vision and she would know exactly what I wanted. She can read my mind when it comes to outfits! Lastly, I knew Silk Threads would go above and beyond for me to make sure that I looked my absolute best!
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Thank you Reema and Preet, and Congratulations again!

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