A “caliente'” multicultural wedding!

Bride & groom’s names: Sindhu Alexander & Michael Gutierrez

Location of the wedding: Cityplace, Dallas

Photographer: Amy Karp photography

  1. What was your vision for your wedding? We wanted something simple and elegant reflecting both of our cultures in the food and décor and even hashtags (#curryandqueso, #sarisandsombreros)
  2. What was the most magical or memorable part of your day?  Walking in with my parents – seeing my groom and all the love in the room and feeling like royalty in my exquisite outfit
  3. Why did you choose your wedding/reception dress from Silk Threads?  I have known Ruby since college at the University of Texas and have always thought she was an amazing designer-  and when we got engaged I knew I wanted to wear something amazing that was one of  a kind– so calling Silk Threads was a no-brainer…
  4. Anything else you would like to add?

🙂 Not only did I get an absolutely amazing outfit- but my sister and future sister in law also wanted outfits  too- so we got to spend a whole day with Ruby designing each outfit- it was such a fun experience! Ruby took the time with each of us making sure every detail was perfect and each outfit was unique and  a few months later, it was amazing to see how the visions came to life when we all had our first fittings after the dresses came in from India. It meant a lot to me that every piece of material was hand-picked and stitched all in India. Our outfits were truly breathtaking- everyone loved them! I also had one made in my colors for my 15 month old niece who was the flower girl and there are no words for how beautiful and adorable that tiny outfit was as well!!

Thank you Sindhu – you and your family looked adorable!IMG_1498 - Copy

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