We are so excited to be a part of DIFFA Dallas this March!

DIFFA Dallas (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS) raises funds for organizations that aid in the fight against HIV/AIDS by providing preventative education programs, treatment and direct care services for people living with/impacted by HIV/AIDS.

DIFFA is one of the largest and most successful fundraising organizations aiding HIV/AIDS, DIFFA is a non-profit service provider with chapters in Dallas, New York City, Chicago, Kansas City, San Francisco and Seattle.

Formed in 1984, the Dallas chapter is the only HIV/AIDS organization in Texas that provides funding to local AIDS service organizations within our community. Providing direct care to those living with or affected by HIV/AIDS, DIFFA/Dallas has granted more than $5 million to over 25 front line HIV/AIDS Service Organizations in North Texas.

Highlighting the design community, DIFFA/Dallas hosts multiple events throughout the season including Burgers & Burgundy, DIFFA/Dallas Wreath and the largest event of the year, House of DIFFA. Through your support and generosity, we are able to make a significant impact in our community.

This year DIFFA completes their successful season with their legendary runway show in March! This evening is a , “mix of philanthropy, theatrics and [their] legendary runway production. Inspired by the extravagant costumes and intricate, hand-made masks, House of DIFFA 2014’s theme, Masquerade, will transform the evening into one of the most renowned events in Italy, the Carnival of Venice. Hosting approximately 2,000 patrons, this black tie gala is the event of the season showcasing a curated selection of one-of-a-kind, tailored jackets with all proceeds going towards grants for HIV/AIDS service organizations in North Texas.”

We are so honored be a chosen designer for this luxurious fashion event. We will be providing our jacket collection to DIFFA! Our collection showcases our own unique fashion artistry including Silk Threads Designs’ signature textiles, designs, and fabrics. Our inspirations have come from their Masquerade theme. This collection will be extremely extravagant  and intricate like any hand-made masquerade mask!

Be sure to buy your tickets here: http://houseofdiffa14.eventbrite.com

Check out our Youtube channel for our Fashion Shows | Silk Threads Channel