We talk with fashionistas and friends, Dr. Harshi and Dr. Arvinder Bains from Tyler, TX, regarding their experiences
What was the special occasion you were trying to find dresses for? What designs did you have in mind?

Silk Threads is our go to boutique for all special occasions, where you want to feature something extraordinary, such as wedding, major banquets and public events where your are not only representing yourself but the whole community in front our American Community.
What brought you to Silk Threads?

We are drawn by Ruby’s collection of exquisite designs.  We go out of our way to find small unique boutiques, even while traveling.  Ruby provides the service in our back yard.

What do you like the most about Silk Threads and its staff?

You get the sense that they are on a journey with you through your special event and will go to great lengths to deliver the attire in a timely manner.
Any tips for our readers?

You have various online and retain options for decent clothing; However, you can seldom achieve the elegance with the selection, designs and fitting that Silk Threads provides.


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