Bride and Groom: Roshni Bedi & Jaspreet Singh

Location of the wedding: Dallas

Photographer: MnMfoto

1. What was your vision for your wedding?

Our vision for our wedding was simple and elegant. We wanted to preserve as much Indian tradition as possible while still adding a whimsical and romantic element to it. With the help of our vendors, and most of all, our parents, we were really able to put together a series of events that depicted our relationship and our vision for the wedding very well. 

2. What was the most magical or memorable part of your day?

For us, the moment after the ceremony

when we first looked at each other as husband and wife was very special. It just felt like everything came together at that one moment: all the months of planning, the years of long distance, and all the anticipation leading up to it. It was what we had been waiting for, to finally share our lives together as husband and wife. Of course, we can’t forget our reception. Enjoying those moments with our close friends and family who came from all over the world just to celebrate us was so much fun and something we will never forget.

3. Why did you choose your wedding/reception dress from Silk Threads?

Jaspreet has known Ruby & Raj for a long time and she is a family friend. Jaspreet’s mom has worked with Ruby for quite some time as well. So, when it was time to buy outfits for our wedding it was our first instinct to go to Silk Threads. Picking the outfits for the wedding is a stressful process so it was important for us to go to someone we can trust and whose designs we loved. Silk Threads fulfilled both of those criterion.

Thank you Roshni & Jaspreet, and congratulations again! (p.s We loved all the wedding functions!)

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