We are so excited to hear such wonderful words from one of our customers! Sunny Patel, a doctoral student, came to us with a vision for her reception outfit.

She was able to explain to us the stresses with any wedding and what comes with planning a wedding – but she made it very clear it’s all about looking at the big picture…

Sunny and her husband had four days full of wedding festivities over multiple locations and they had their reception at the Omni West in Dallas.

She told to me the hardest part of wedding planning for her was trying to plan a wedding in Dallas while her husband lived in California!

“This posed logistical obstacles as you can imagine. Another hard part during the planning process was to imagine how everything would come together at the end. You meet with all the vendors and artists individually and plan for months and months and somewhere during that process it’s easy to lose the big picture.”Like what you see? Email us!

Sunny told us her favorite part of their wedding was when they were able to get a glimpse of their reception hall before anyone else.

“It was amazing to see how everything came together and how beautiful the hall looked! To top it off, the videographer played the instant edit on the screens for us while my husband and I were in the hall and it made us stop in our tracks and recap the beautiful weekend with each other.”

Their reception colors were inspired by fall and winter colors with a touch of elegance. Their main color was blue and added hints of pinks, reds, and blushes to add some depth. She wanted to keep this color throughout her entire wedding from their wedding website all the way to her reception outfit!

Sunny told us she had been searching for a reception outfit that had the perfect mix of, “embroider[ies] [which is ] symbolic of the South Asian culture coupled with contemporary elements such as a ball gown silhouette. My family and I made many visits to numerous bridal boutiques spanning several cities (Dallas, Houston, Chicago). However, it took only one visit to Silk Threads boutique to realize that my vision would, after all, come true.”

She wanted her entire outfit to stick with her blue theme, hence her entire outfit being teal-blue with a great ombre effect. Ruby wanted to make sure the outfit had some drama to it so she added a red border to give a great pop of color and of course, tulle.  The tulle gave her outfit a very chic ball gown feel, but still had a traditional look by it’s designs.

“It was a perfect balance of tradition as well as had a contemporary feel to it. The detail on the lehenga with charming motifs made of intricate thread work and strategically placed stones gave it an elegant feel. The fabric was comfortable and breathable and I found myself exuding an air of confidence and feeling comfortable all throughout my reception. I also liked how the outfit had just the right amount of red in it so it was not overpowering (which is considered a symbolic color” in South Asian weddings).”

We asked Sunny if she had any advice for upcoming brides and she emphasized it’s really important to not lose yourself through the planning process.

“If you and your groom want to include snippets of your personality in the different aspects of the wedding, I say go for it! After all, this is your wedding and it should be a reflection you as a couple.”

“Finally, on the day of your wedding just try to relax and take in the moment. Everything may not be perfect and if it’s not do not worry because YOU will be the only person to notice! Therefore, just look at the big picture and have a good time!”

Sunny told her us her only requirement for their honeymoon is for it be on a beach!

Congratulations Sunny and we wish you two the best in your future endeavors.

Here are some great images of her outfit we made her! Thank you Z Molu Photography for the images!




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