Bride’s name: Neetha Devdas

Groom’s name: Sanjay Sharma

Wedding date: June 27, 2015

Location: Sheraton Dallas Hotel

Photographer: Lomesh Patel Photography

Here are some thoughts and tips from our #RealBride Neetha:

ST: What was your vision for your wedding?

When we first started out we really didn’t know what exactly we wanted. But, after talking with our families, our decor designer and wedding planners, and of course, just thinking about who we are, we went with a traditional Hindu wedding with a modern fairytale garden theme. Between the breathtaking mandap with the hanging vines and gorgeous flowers, the shimmering tables and candles, and the stunning gown I was wearing…I felt like I had stepped into a fairytale. I felt like a princess and I will never forget that feeling.

ST: What was the most magical or memorable part of your day?

Neetha: I think the most memorable part of the day was seeing everyone out dancing and enjoying themselves. I can’t describe how wonderful a feeling it was to look out and see all the people from different parts of my life coming together. There were so many family members who love me unconditionally, friends from childhood and on, and so many new faces all in one place at one time dancing and laughing, and celebrating with us. It is a moment I will never forget. And, I think it’s what makes weddings so wonderful.

ST: Why did you choose your wedding dress from Silk Threads?

Neetha: There are so many reasons why I chose Silk Threads for my wedding attire. First, Ruby Bhandari is amazing to work with and she has a great eye for fashion. She is honest and cares deeply about what she sends you out into the world wearing. I felt like she was excited about making me feel beautiful and comfortable in my clothes for one of the most important days of my life and she was invested in making sure things were perfect.

Secondly, there was a lot of attention to detail not only in the making of the dresses, but even the jewelry and how to pull off the draping of each dupatta. All of this helped me to really put it all together and envision how things would turn out.  

Lastly, the main reason I trusted Silk Threads was seeing my sister Geetha’s beautiful reception outfit a few years back and knowing others who have been very happy with their wedding attire. It was easy to trust that my outfits would turn out great having seen it happen before!


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