Today, we are so excited to share out latest bride! We were so honored when  Alyssa Perez came to Silk Threads Designs and asked us to design her wedding gown. Alyssa was looking for something different for her designer wedding dress . We incorporated beautiful paisleys, intricate bead work, and loads of crystals to her gown. These pictures took our breath away! (Not to mention, how adorable is the last image?!)

1.How did you meet your husband?

I met my husband at my local church. He noticed me and tried to sit in front of me to get my attention but I never noticed. One month later he found me on Facebook through mutual friends at the church. I added him and the rest was history.

2. Tell us about the proposal…

It was spring break of my sophomore year at college and before heading off to his small town to spend break with him, I went out to dinner with a friend. Somehow my friend had me convinced that she had a surprise for me because she hadn’t seen me in forever.  She put a blind fold over my eyes and told me not to peek.  I didn’t suspect I would be getting proposed to because I thought my husband was in his home town three hours away.

My friend drove me to the church where Chris and I first met and led me inside. As soon as we were inside I took off my blind fold and new I was getting proposed too.  All the lights of the church were off and it was dark except a few candles along the aisle.  Someone was playing the piano and rose petals were everywhere.

A video of Chris, my now husband, came on the screen of the church where he began sharing a story of how we met, why he fell in love with me, and how he knew I was the one.  At the end of the video he said he had one more question for me but that I needed to make my way to the stage.  I saw Chris walk out on stage, and when I got there he told me he loved me and he got down on one knee.  After I said, “YES,” he told me he had one more surprise.  He turned me around and up in the church balcony was all of my family (who had traveled to Oklahoma from Montana), his family, and a bunch of friends. It was the perfect proposal.

3. We can see you were inspired by designs from India, but tell us why! 

I have always loved India.  Though I married a Hispanic not an Indian, I knew I wanted my dress to be Indian.  When I was eleven I lived with my aunt in India for five months.  I fell in love with the culture, learned to eat with my hands, tried to learn Telegu and hindi,  and decorated my hands in henna and bangles. My room in high school was decorated with Indian fabrics and I love the bead work and sparkle on most Indian designs.

4.Why did you choose Silk Threads? Did you have a design in mind before you came to our studio?

I tried finding an Indian inspired dress when I knew I would be getting married but couldn’t find anything that resembled India to me.  I knew I wanted my dress to be the traditional American white/cream color but that I wanted to incorporate the Indian jewels and fabrics.  I also knew I wanted the dress to be two pieces like a traditional sari but more with a slightly lower top and a more american style open back.  I chose Silk Threads because it was the closest traditional/modern Indian shop that made custom wedding dresses to my location…and I was glad I did!
Good Indian design stores are hard to come by, especially in Oklahoma, which is where I currently live. 

5. Any advice for our brides-to-be?

If I could give any advice to brides to be it is to choose the dress that has the most meaning to you.  My wedding dress will always have meaning to me because it is unlike other dresses and reminds me of my love for India. Make your wedding resemble who you are and you won’t regret how it turns out.


Elle’s Belles Bakery, Big Sky Resort (location and food), Katalin Green Events, Joes DJ Service, Avant Floral, GW Designs (hair), Jason Williams Illustrator, Avant Bridal (bridesmaid dresses and tuxes)​

Thank you Amelia Anne Photography for the images.





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