Secret Reception Outfits!

Bride and Groom’s names: Hayley and Zazanya

Location of the wedding: Abilene, TX
Photographer:  Fluffy Rhino Photography

Bride & groom reception outfitsST:  What was the special occasion you were trying to find dresses for? What designs did you have in mind?

H&Z: We were looking for reception dresses for our wedding. We wanted to use the family color, crimson, and new that a half saree was what I needed to get, since my husbands family is South Indian. What we didn’t expect was for my husband to find his outfit that matched perfectly! As much as everyone loved my wedding dress, our reception outfits stole the show! We kept our change of clothes a secret and got to surprise everyone when we walked in to the reception venue.

ST: What brought you to Silk Threads?

H&Z: We drove 3 hours to look for outfits, and heard AMAZING things about Silk Threads and their expertise. As soon as we walked in, we knew we’d never go anywhere else for our occasion wear. Ruby sat with us for at least an hour going through every detail of our day and what would be best for us. Her attention to detail was everything! Her commitment to making sure everything was perfect and came in on time for our big day meant so much to us. And just in time, everything came in and fit perfectly!

ST: What do you like the most about Silk Threads and its staff?

H&Z:: Everyone was so kind and ready to help us at every turn, including all of my calls to make sure everything was coming in for the wedding day.

ST:  Any tips for our readers?

H&Z:: I would recommend going in with an open mind. My husband was pretty stubborn about wearing pink, but listened to Ruby and was so thankful in the end. I had some knowledge about Indian occasion wear but learned so much in meeting with Ruby. I decided to trust the expert and am so glad I did! It’s hands down my favorite thing I’ve ever worn!

Thank you Haley & Zazanya – we loved working with you!

Bride & groom reception

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