Groom Ken in Sherwani

Sherwani vs a Suit for the wedding!

Bride and Groom’s names:  Brandy and Ken

Location of the wedding:  Taubman Museum of Art in Roanoke, VA
Photographer: Charles Matthew Photography (Dallas TX)

groom's sherwaniST:  What was the special occasion you were trying to find dresses for? What designs did you have in mind?

KB: I was looking for a suit for my wedding. I knew I wanted something different but classy. I had been searching for sherwani’s for some time, however as a “big guy” it was more challenging than I anticipated.

ST: What brought you to Silk Threads?
KB: I did a Google search for some places that sell Indian attire and chose Silk Threads because the energy, helpfulness and willingness to assist a total novice was very welcoming and comforting.

ST: What do you like the most about Silk Threads and its staff?
KB: What I liked most about Silk Threads and their staff was the fact that I was given honest feedback and I felt heard. I didn’t feel like I was in another suit shop with a person just trying to make a sale. The Silk Threads team really cares about what you want.

ST:  Any tips for our readers?
KB: Main tip, if you are on a weightless or health journey, be mindful that the alterations can be done, but its best to communicate your journey so they can help you accomplish the style goal you desire.

Thank you Ken – we loved working with you!

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