by Deborah Fleck, Dallas Morning News

Ruby Bhandari’s love of fashion took root early and never let go. She began cutting and stitching fabric as a teenager, and in college, she enjoyed designing so much that she couldn’t wait to graduate from the University of Texas at Austin to start a business. Silk Threads was born while she was a sophomore at UT in 1991.

Over the years, Bhandari moved the business from her Irving home to a nearby apartment and then to a studio in Northwest Dallas, where it operates today. Her showrooms are awash in color and sparkles. She serves customers Indian coffee and tea and sweets. Amy Lewis Hofland, executive director of the Crow Collection of Asian Art,  describes her friend as “magic.”

You’ve never met anyone like her,” Hofland said.

Ruby Bhandari working at her factory in New Delhi.(Courtesy/Facebook)
Ruby Bhandari working at her factory in New Delhi.

Born in New York of Indian descent, Bhandari makes her creations in a factory in New Delhi. With more of an American background, she brings the colors and brightness of India to modern designs.

“Color makes me happy,” Bhandari said, bedecked in a royal blue blouse during a recent interview. “My clothes are very vibrant and what mainstream America would like to wear.”

Bhandari has expanded her designs to include royal blue and silver items in honor of the Dallas Cowboys, and she just launched collection of destination bridal wear. For the first time and to much success, she said, she also took part in the Dallas Bridal Show in July.

Along with creating, Bhandari gives back. She hosts an annual fashion show to benefit a local charity. This year, the gala “Bollywood to Hollywood: the Impact of Fashion in Indian Cinema” will be Oct. 14 at the new Davidson-Gundy Alumni Center at UT Dallas. The event will benefit the university’s Asia Center and arts-related scholarships. More details are at (Details and tickets available at

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