As Dallasites, we all know about the upcoming “The Pin Show 2017” fashion show, and that Ruby Bhandari of Silk Threads is one of the featured designers. Ahead of the show, we wanted to know more about Indian-inspired fashion and share our Silk Threads experience –  read on for our experience…

In the minds of many, there is a distinct cultural divide when it comes to fashion, but Ruby is determined to break that mold. She’s infusing Eastern trends and designs into Western fashion, and we love it.

We were thrilled to have the opportunity for an exclusive look at the Silk Threads boutique. While there, we learned a lot about the different categories of clothing, such as everyday wear, traditional pieces, or special occasions, like weddings. Here’s just a peak at our fun:

Traditional Indian Designs

Not having the cultural background and exposure to garments inspired by Indian culture, we jumped at the chance to try on gorgeous pieces for ourselves. From the beginning, Ruby gave us insight into our body types, helping us figure out what works best with our unique shapes. With expertise in customized couture dresses based on individuals’ bodies, Ruby made us feel beautiful in our own ways.

Amshi and Rachel both opted for pieces from the Ethnicwear line. Amshi (in red) in a Lehenga, and Rachel (in white) in a Salwar Kameez.

Bridal Wear

What girl doesn’t love weddings? Upon finding out that Silk Threads had an entire room devoted to bridal fashion, we all made a bee-line to that room, and it. was. gorgeous! There was everything from traditional Eastern bridal garments to out-of-the box and beautifully ornate, intricate designs, to more Westernized Indian bridal garments.

While we didn’t try on any of the bridal collection, we did get to experience just how heavy the elaborate gowns are (full arm workout worthy). Here we are holding three of the heaviest pieces in the whole store – all a part of the bridalcollection.

Ruby B Collection

For the Westerner who doesn’t get the occasion to don a custom traditional piece, the Ruby B Collection of Tunics and Dresses are to die for. Whether you are looking for a chic cocktail dress or a unique piece to pair with jeans, there is seriously something for everyone.

Sarah loved this piece she’s showcasing so much that she couldn’t part with it, and it has found a new home in her closet.

Couture Meets Confidence

For a few hours, we were able to play dress up with the real deal. Not only did we feel like a better version of ourselves, but we left with more confidence and creative insight when it comes to our style going forward.


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