A Cultural Blend of Fashion – focus on Africa…

On Sunday, September 4th hundreds of people gathered around a runway in Music Hall at Fair Park in Dallas, TX to watch models wearing beautiful designs  take a walk. The event was put together by Dallas International Fashion (DIF), which serves as a platform to promote multicultural diversity within and around Dallas.

DIF’s goal is to create a platform for cultures, which creates awareness for fashion and attracts foreign investment to the City of Dallas. This event serves as a part of this initiative which establishes favorable relations and cultural ties between Dallas residents and foreign Nationals – via the showcase of fashion, culture and traditions.

Throughout the show, guests saw styles from our very own, Ruby Bhandari.

“It is exciting to be part of an event that brings in so many cultures and exemplifies the true diversity of the fashion world,” said Ruby. “We hope that seeing all of the stories from around the world expressed on the runway opened people’s minds about the opportunities around global diversity and multiculturalism .”

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