DIFFA Dallas sure knows how to throw a party…and raise funds for worthy charities!

Saturday, May 21st was no exception – a record crowd assembled at The Omni in downtown Dallas to mingle and enjoy the unique show – with this year’s theme being Circo Rouge – a take between a big tent circus and Moulin Rouge.

The show, designed by Rhonda Sargent Chambers and Brian Brothers ranged from cringe-worthy to awe-inspiring – from stilt walkers to models made-up as Goths to human animals. Seen at the event was LeeAnne Locken, of Real Housewives of Dallas, among other celebrities.

In addition to the live auction which featured a trip to Scotland and a vintage-inspired Stella 125 scooter, the silent auction featured 55 jackets from designers like Versace, Lanvin, Naeem Khan and others.

For the third year in a row, theSOCIALList by Silk Threads presented a jacket by designer Ruby Bhandari – this year’s jacket was a red brocade piece with black lapels – with a unique cut of the lapels.

The jacket received wide acclaim, getting over 6 bids in the first hour, and a bidding war in the final minutes. As Carol Quist, Board Member of DIFFA Dallas said, “We really appreciate Ruby Bhandari and Silk Threads for not only donating a consistently popular jacket for the third year in a row, but also their dedication to the cause”.

See the video here for a closer look at the jacket, as well as Ruby’s inspiration for this piece, as described to Amy Vanderhof.

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