(Ed: Great article on the use of Swarovski crystals in Middle East and Southeast Asia. We have been using real Swarovski crystals on quite a few of our designs and bridals, with excellent results. Please contact us to setup your free consultation)

“In India and Pakistan, Swarovski waltzes a similar balancing act as it latches onto the lucrative market of bridals and traditional-wear. The market for ethnic-wear in India, running the gamut from saris to lehngas and the shalwar kameez, is growing at an annual rate of 8 percent and is expected to reach $19.6 billion by 2018, according to a report by Indiaretailing.com. The traditional bridal lehnga, with its penchant for bling, presents an ideal canvas for Swarovski detailings.

Having gained a stronghold across India over the last two decades, Swarovski collaborations also frequently veer towards Western silhouettes that are increasingly popular in Indian cities. But what makes Swarovski so tantalising to these diverse markets across the Orient?

Local tastes through local collaborations

The quality of the embellishments is one undeniable factor. Swarovski is a global big gun with a legacy of blinging up fashion for more than a century, so designers and customers are naturally attracted to the prestige attached to the brand. Further augmenting the firm’s popularity is its many local designer collaborations supported by assertive marketing strategies.”

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