Our featured clients today are one of our favorites – the Khataw family from Austin, TX. All the members of the family are fashion conscious, and with Ali being a photography buff, most of the pictures we see from them are near perfect. We asked them to share their thoughts – please see their responses below.

Incidentally, Salva, the daughter, is busy designing her bridal trousseau, as well as what the rest of the family will be wearing, with Ruby and the Silk Threads team…stay tuned! (more pictures on facebook)

What was the special occasion you were trying to find dresses for? What designs did you have in mind? 

  • Whenever a formal occasion arises, Silk Threads is the first place that comes to mind.

What brought you to Silk Threads? 

  • We’ve been shopping at Silk Threads for over 6 years and love the elegant designs and professional staff.

What do you like most about Silk Threads and its staff? 

  • We love the unique designs that Silk Threads provides and the personal attention we receive at every appointment. Ruby always goes out of her way to ensure that our vision comes to life.

Any tips for our readers? 

  • If you’re looking for unique and custom designs for your next event – Silk Threads is your boutique! 

Thanks Ali, Nahid, Salva and Zain – we love working with you all!

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